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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Here are a few photo's of some of my favourite groups or artists. Below "The beatles".
Below of "Silence is golden" fame "The Tremeloes".
Below one of my very favourite artists whose hits were "The Story of my Life", "Starry Eyed" and kiddies favourite "The Runaway Train" of course its "Michael Holiday".

Today my blog is going to be about music, in fact my music. What I mean by that is either my favourite or memorable music tracks. I did intend to do this as a "my top 10" or "20", then I realised its virtually impossible for me to choose that few tracks. My taste in music is extremely varied both in Artists and styles. In varieing degrees I like Popular,Rock,Reggae,Folk,Classical, Ballads, Country, just a bit of almost everything (sorry my pet hate is Opera). So, then the first of my very favourites are the "Beatles" and before you all groan, you have to see the variety of music they played. They wrote, played, and sang all their early work. As they progressed so, obviously did their style, using extra's, producers, orchestra's, etc. When you look at their work its so varied, starting with early rock, then pop, ballads, then bringing new ideas and odd things like "Strawberry Fields", I am the Walrus"and loads of others (some drug induced I know).The compilation that was put together as "The Beatles Love songs" is one more feather in the cap and has some wonderfull tracks. There is no way I could pick an individual track so my No 1. is "The Beatles" as a whole.
Next. Because in about late 1959-60 I bought a little Chrystal radio from a school friend, these kept hunting in and out of signal, I bought it especially to hear the top 20 on Radio Luxenburg on sunday nights, the very first no1 record played on the first night I listened was by the "Everly Brothers" and was called "Cathy's Clown", that therefore has to be high on the list.
Next because it was the very first record I ever bought (with my own wages).Is "Good Timin" by Jimmy Jones.
My next pick is one that is a real favourite because I watched his TV show on our first brand new set, its "The Story of my Life" by the late great "Michael Holiday".
The next, which sort of rounds out a few (5) of my top tracks is, one I really like because Sue,Me and a friend Pete Dale used to go every other week to a show in the clubs in Birmingham. it was either "la dolca Vita" or "the cavendish" clubs, this I think was around 68-69. We saw "Peter and Gordon", "Frank Ifield"(good), "Billy J Kramer & the Dakotas" (he was awful) and lots more. The group that stood head and shoulders above the rest, when on stage you hardly knew it wasn't the record, were "The Tremeloes" they had then not long brought out their latest record which was, and is my No5 "Call me number one".
I will continue this in a later blog, meanwhile please either do your own favourites on a blog or leave your top 5 in my comments.


Blogger Ex-Shammickite said...

We obviously grew up at the same time... I listened to Radio Luxembourg at every opprtunity until it faded and I couldn't hear it any more. I loved the Everly Bros and "Cathy's Clown", even went to see them play at the Gaumont in Southampton in very early 60s... also on the bill was Little Richard... he took his shirt off and played the piano with his feet, everybody screamed.
A fairly new unknown band opened the show, their name was The Rolling Stones... hahaha!

4:07 pm  
Blogger Martin Stickland said...

I love the Beatles Bob, great stories in their lyrics.

I hope you and Sue are okay. Keep smiling!


10:26 pm  
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