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I'm married with two grown up children and four grandchildren, My wife of 47 years is Sue and we are the same age. My two children are Pamela (blogging occasionly under and Roy,who was recently Paralysed from the waist down due to an Absys on his Spine. My 4 grandchildren are (oldest first) Gavin, Hayley, Thomas,and Zoe. Sue and I are both retired and we're disabled too, her with a badly Arthritic back and spine, me with lung (COPD) and Heart problems.I have always loved Fishing (all sorts) Sue started fishing with me about 8 years ago, now she really enjoys it too. We both love m'cycles and m'cycling, Sue owns and rides her own bike which is a Custom 1981 250 Honda.I own a 1979 Honda CX500. We are both members of this motorcycle club ( view or join our club on or see my blog post Dec 2007 blog "Getting old, never", of course we're badly resticted now due to our illness, only riding in really good weather.Just over three years ago we lost our best friend and Baby Mojo the border Collie, Gone but never forgotten. Please feel free to use any of our photo's but do let me know you have used them, thank you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Paignton Bike Nights.

 Hi all, I'm afraid i rarely seem to have time for this blog lately.So here is one of the rare ones. Anyway tonight we went to the S Devon seaside resort of Paignton. Every week on a Wednesday the local council allow the sea front road (normally a car park) to be closed from 6 pm until 10 pm for a huge motor bike meet, some times as many (good weather) as a 1,000 bikes gather here.All this is arranged and marshalled by the very local biking charity of BMAD (Bikers Make a Difference). This charity was started by a husband and wife team back in 2002, now it is so large it has its own commitee Every bike that attends donates £! (£2 if 2 up).Last year they raised nearly £23000 for local charities, 100% is given to these at the end of each seasom. Site here
Here are a few of the pictures we took tonight, sorry but we post mostly classic bikes pictures, plus a few that are of special interest etc.
Do click on any picture to enlarge it.

Joke of the day.

NAG – NAG – NAG!!!
An attorney arrived home late after a very tough day trying to get a
stay of execution for his client.
His last minute plea to the governor for clemency had failed and he
was feeling worn out and depressed.
As soon as he walked through the do or at home, his wife started on
him: “What time of night to be getting home is this?
Where have you been?  Dinner is cold and I'm not reheating it” .. . .
. .  and on and on and on.
Too shattered to play his usual role in this familiar ritual, he
poured himself a shot of whiskey and headed off for a long hot soak in
the bathtub - - - pursued by his wife and her predictable sarcastic
remarks as he dragged himself up the stairs.
While he was in the bath, the phone rang.
The wife answered and was told that her husband's client, James
Wright, had been granted a stay of execution after all.
Wright would not be hanged tonight.
Finally realizing what a terrible day he must have had, and how
terribly inconsiderate she had been, she decided to go up stairs and
give him the good news.
As she opened the bathroom door, she was greeted by the sight of her
husband, bent over naked, drying his legs and feet.
“They're not hanging Wright tonight!” she said.
He whirled around and screamed, 'FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WOMAN, DON'T YOU


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