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Thursday, September 18, 2008

TINTAGEL (Cornwall) Home of King Arthur?.

So here we have it "Tintagel" home of "King Arthur"?. These stories have been recorded for over a thousand years. Any person from any English speaking Country must have heard of this much Fabled King. His exploits and adventures were also shared with tales of his bride to be "Guinevere", also "Merlin" the Wizard,"Sir Lancelot"and other "Knights" of the round table, plus of course the story of the magical sword "Excalibur"and its part in battles to keep "Camelot" and fight against his enemies including fire breathing Dragons.I have not done a lot of research myself but the consensus of what I have read seems to be that 80% is Fiction, including" King Arthur" himself. Shame I enjoyed those stories when a little younger.For anyone interested in the legend try this site.
Tintagel is on the North Coast of Cornwall in a very Picturesque area.The town itself is tourism based around the remains of this 13th century Castle. The castle was according to some historians built around 1140 ish by the then Earl of Cornwall Reginald, and was probably used until the 1800s. It stands on a huge granite stack high above the sea (a lot has surrendered to the sea). An ideal spot for a Castle or hill fortress.
So now to our visit, it was a pleasant sunny day in Devon so we decided a trip to Cornwall was the order of the day, on arriving Tintagel was decided upon. The village car park is around 600mtrs from the climb up to the Castle itself, (I'm glad i brought my Oxygen). From here on its its absolutely lovely with stunning Coastal views, BUT if you are not at least fairly fit and active please DON'T GO, admire it from there. From the pay gate throughout its all up and down with if I remember a total of over 600 steps if you use them all.
THIS IS A LONG BLOG. Please click on any picture to enlarge it.
Below the start of the Castle walk, you can see the path off to your left, (although there is a way to the right).
After you enter and climb on any one of the Battlements, (below) this is the sort of view of the Castle, which is now divided in two due to erosion. Enlarge this image to see just some of those killer steps leading up the hills.
Below, again by enlarging this you can get more idea of the size and scale of the place. There is plenty of interest all about you, with information boards and maps everywhere.
This grassy Plateau was apparently used in olden times to winch stores, supplies etc straight up from the sea to save the arduous land journey.
These building remains (below) were believed to be servants quarters.
Here below we have the remains of lots of little buildings, these were part of the main Castle.
Below more ruins and remains. I believe an archeological dig in the 1950-60s turned up quite a few interesting finds from right through the ages.
SO...... right here we have it.......the start of those bloody stairs, hundreds of em. On the day I was very pleased with myself because when we saw someones Brochure/Guide book Sue said she didn't think there would be anyway that I could get all round this place. Red rag to a Bull to me so here we are.
Another different lot of steps, you can see what i mean by having to be fittish or determined.
And yet more steps (below), you can just see the edge of more ruins on the skyline.

Here we have it then a lovely place even though it can be hard.
Joke of the day.

A man walks in to his bedroom to find his wife packing a lge case
He asks, 'What are you doing?'
She answers, 'I'm moving to London . I heard prostitutes there get paid £400
for doing what I do for you for free.'
Later that night, on her way out, the wife walks into the bedroom and sees her husband packing his suitcase.
When she asks him where he's going, he replies,
'I'm coming too I want to see how you live on £800 a year'.



Blogger Jeanette said...

Gday Bob. Beautiful lanscapes. but oh boy I started puffing just looking at all those steps. I would never make it to the top...

11:20 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your photos are wonderful. I've been there too. I think it was October 2006. (I worked out the date by remembering which of my sons girlfriends we had with us!)
I'll have to hunt out our pics. We stayed in a cottage for a week, it was great but it rained alot and I seem to remember we were over on Dartmoor more than we were at Cornwall! :o)

7:49 pm  
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