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I'm married with two grown up children and four grandchildren, My wife of 47 years is Sue and we are the same age. My two children are Pamela (blogging occasionly under and Roy,who was recently Paralysed from the waist down due to an Absys on his Spine. My 4 grandchildren are (oldest first) Gavin, Hayley, Thomas,and Zoe. Sue and I are both retired and we're disabled too, her with a badly Arthritic back and spine, me with lung (COPD) and Heart problems.I have always loved Fishing (all sorts) Sue started fishing with me about 8 years ago, now she really enjoys it too. We both love m'cycles and m'cycling, Sue owns and rides her own bike which is a Custom 1981 250 Honda.I own a 1979 Honda CX500. We are both members of this motorcycle club ( view or join our club on or see my blog post Dec 2007 blog "Getting old, never", of course we're badly resticted now due to our illness, only riding in really good weather.Just over three years ago we lost our best friend and Baby Mojo the border Collie, Gone but never forgotten. Please feel free to use any of our photo's but do let me know you have used them, thank you.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today before i start this blog i would like to thank Sue (Vintage to Victorian) for the award she gave me, also to my patient readers who sometimes have to wait 2 weeks or more in between these blogs.My next trip home is going to be around the 12 or 13 of August so i will definately post then.
Now to todays blog, Up in the valley, last week we returned for a walk in the valley of the rocks, we did this last year but not right to the top, so this is what we set out to do.The Valley is in a beautiful part of N Devon, its part of Exmoor just outside of Lynton and is clearly signposted from the village centre. The walk we decided on was the one pictured below. In this picture it doesn't look half as steep as it really is. This shows the road down to where we parked the car, then we followed the zig zag path that starts at the right of the picture, bottom left of the road. This then goes on a real up hill jaunt, pictured below, eventually we reached the peak in the centre of the picture.
Click on any photo to enlarge it.
At the end of this blog I have just managed to add a short (not good quality) video,
This picture shows the the view from around half way up, notice the Cricket ground, where on our return the village team were playing.
This picture shows the view from just a little higher up, this valley really is a beautiful place.
Near the summit now and a welcome seat for Sue, note how small the cars are from up here, it gives you an idea of height.
Below I walked out on this little outcrop and took the next picture from there.
This is the picture just mentioned. You are very near the top now, we dropped a clanger here, I decided I wanted to go up to the very top 25 or 30 feet higher, so we scrambled up a little goat track to the top, only to find that there was a longer but much easier path up the other side (typical).
So here we are ( below) at the very top, was it worth it? what do you think?. While on the top we looked down the other side and saw a path leading away so we took this, after a few hundred yards we saw a signpost for Lynton it said three quarters of a mile. After a little deliberation we thought what the hell. go for it, so we did. It was a lovely walk past the remains of a stone age fort and also a burnt down 1920s mansion, ending in Lynton town. A quick cuppa then the return walk along the beautiful cliff edge coastal path, a really good but tiring three hour round trip.
Here in the valley are quite a lot of wild Goats, a lot of which are really tame and almost pose for the camera, I had a couple of photo's but they seem to have just dissapeared. To round off if your in North Devon this summer "The Valley of the Rocks" is a must place to visit.
Joke of the Day.

Three old Ladies.

Three old ladies were sitting side by side in their retirement home, reminiscing. The first lady recalled shopping at the green grocers and demonstrated with her hands, the length and thickness of a cucumber she could buy for a penny.

The second old lady nodded, adding that onions used to be much bigger and cheaper also, and demonstrated the size of two big onions she could buy for a penny a piece.

The third old lady remarked, "I can't hear a word you're saying, but I remember the guy you're talking about."
Below a short video taken from the very top of the valley.


Blogger Jeanette said...

Gday Bob. Im huffing and puffing (LOl) after that long walk to the top. the scenery is breathtaking well worth the trip to the top....thanks for sharing your walk....Jen.

4:53 am  
Blogger Shammickite said...

You are determined to make me homesick again aren't ya?
Lovely pictures as always.
I have a pic of me age 4 watching cricketers on that cricket pitch.

12:10 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Bob, amazing views!
We are lucky aren't we... in the Uk.. some luckier than other of course. :o)
These are just wonderful shots.
Hope you are both ok.
Thanks for all the funnies. :o) Much appreciated. (Especially on a Monday!)

7:15 pm  
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