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I'm married with two grown up children and four grandchildren, My wife of 47 years is Sue and we are the same age. My two children are Pamela (blogging occasionly under and Roy,who was recently Paralysed from the waist down due to an Absys on his Spine. My 4 grandchildren are (oldest first) Gavin, Hayley, Thomas,and Zoe. Sue and I are both retired and we're disabled too, her with a badly Arthritic back and spine, me with lung (COPD) and Heart problems.I have always loved Fishing (all sorts) Sue started fishing with me about 8 years ago, now she really enjoys it too. We both love m'cycles and m'cycling, Sue owns and rides her own bike which is a Custom 1981 250 Honda.I own a 1979 Honda CX500. We are both members of this motorcycle club ( view or join our club on or see my blog post Dec 2007 blog "Getting old, never", of course we're badly resticted now due to our illness, only riding in really good weather.Just over three years ago we lost our best friend and Baby Mojo the border Collie, Gone but never forgotten. Please feel free to use any of our photo's but do let me know you have used them, thank you.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


The last few days we have been out and about locally, so I thought I had better share a few pictures with you. This blog was also supposed to contain pictures from our own little garden, alas we forgot to take them yesterday and today has been really dull and drizzly, not picture weather.
Below, a closeup of a bunch of park Daffodils, there are usually loads of them growing semi wild around our parks, verges and hedgerows.
Below, A bunch of Daffodils surrounded by Primroses, both here in the park and all around Devon they grow wild along the roadsides.
Below, this lovely Blue/Purple Crocus is dotted amongst the trees here.
Below, a bunch of yellow Crocus, this and the blue one is all around the Botanical garden.

Below, the lovely common Alder catkins is very prolific this year and is a sign that spring is near.
below, This lovely yellow Gorse is now out all over Devon.
Well folks its that time of year again, time to go back to the caravan for another season. On Saturday we load up the car with sleeping bags, pillows, oxygen equipment, bottles etc plus food, clothes, walking boots, Television, DVD player, C D s and DVDs and lots more, all this and the fishing tackle isn't even going this time !!!. If we stay over there on Saturday (we may not I have a stinking cold) my blogging will probably be only around once a week, but please do visit occasionally.
Joke of the day.
Do You Ever Wonder Why?

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Why isn't the number 11 pronounced onety-one?

If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea...
does that mean that one out of five enjoys it?

Why do croutons come in airtight packages?
Aren't they just stale bread to begin with?
*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*

If people from Poland are called Poles,
then why aren't people from Holland called Holes?

If a pig loses its voice, is it disgruntled?

Why is a person who plays the piano called a pianist,
but a person who drives a racecar is not called a racist?

If it's true that we are here to help others,
then what exactly are the others here for?

If lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked,
then doesn't it follow that electricians can be delighted,
musicians denoted, cowboys deranged, models deposed,
tree surgeons debarked, and dry cleaners depressed?

In America if Fed Ex and UPS were to merge, would they call it Fed UP? ?

Do Lipton Tea employees take "coffee breaks?"

What hair color do they put on the driver's licenses of bald men?

I thought about how mothers feed their babies with tiny little spoons and forks,
so I wondered what do Chinese mothers use. Toothpicks?

Why do they put pictures of criminals up in the Post Office?
What are we supposed to do, write to them?
Why don't they just put their pictures on the postage stamps so
the mailmen can look for them while they deliver the mail?
Now I think this is a good idea!!!!

Is it true that you never really learn to swear until you learn to drive?

If a cow laughed, would milk come out of her nose?

As income tax time approaches, did you ever notice:
When you put the two words "The" and "IRS" together, it spells

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


On the opposite side of the Teign estuary lies our sister village Shaldon. From Teignmouth you can cross either by the small passenger ferry that regularly makes the crossing (weather permitting), or by the road bridge. This was originally built in 1827 of wood, it was 1,671ft long and had 34 wooden arches, when built it was the longest in Britain. At the Teignmouth end there was a section which lifted to allow "Tall ships" through, for many years it was a "Toll bridge".
Today Sue and I had to go to Torquay to run an errand for some friends, on the return we decided to stop in at the lovely Shaldon Botanical gardens. These gardens have some really nice plants and lots of beautifull trees, the views from this elevated position are wonderfull, especially in Spring before all the foliage gets on the trees.The following pictures were either taken in the gardens or from the "Pitch and Putt" golf course that lies above it.
Above, this picture was taken high in the park and shows Teignmouth, the docks and Shaldon bridge.
Above, this view of the "Front and back beachs", Pier, point car park and the spit of land at the mouth of the river we call "the point".
Above again taken high up, this one of what we call the river beach.
Above, This lovely picture just about takes it all in, front and back beaches, the Pier, the church and in the distance is the what we locals call "The Parson & Clerk" this is a rock formation jutting out to sea just off Holcombe and midway between Teignmouth and Dawlish.
Above a much closer view of the front beach and Pier.

Finally this picture is of a building in the "Botanical garden", as yet I have found out very little of the history surrounding this folly, but it is now ready for a little TLC.


My flight was being served by an obviously gay flight attendant, who seemed to put everyone in a good mood as he served us food and drinks.
As the plane prepared to descend, he came swishing down the aisle and told us that "Captain Marvey has asked me to announce that he'll be landing the big scary plane shortly, so lovely people, if you could just put your trays up and belts on, that would be super."
On his trip back up the aisle, he noticed this well-dressed and rather Arabic looking woman hadn't moved a muscle. "Perhaps you didn't hear me over those big brute engines but I asked you to raise your trazy-poo, so that the main man can pitty-pat us down on the ground."
She calmly turned her head and said, "In my country, I am called a Princess and I take orders from no one."
To which (I swear) the flight attendant replied, without missing a beat, "Well, sweet-cheeks, in my country I'm called a Queen, so I outrank YOU
Tray-up, Bitch !!!!.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


This blog today is just a quick one recounting a few of our many fancy dress parties, these we have had at home or in several other places like pubs, clubs etc.We have both always loved fancy dress, mainly because its a leveler once dressed everybody laughs at everyone else. Over the years we have either hosted or attended around a dozen or so of these, every single one of them Sue has made our costumes herself. A few of the Costumes Sue wore, a"Red Indian"," a Hippie",a "St Trinians schoolgirl", "Helgar", a "Hells Angel biker","Robin"from Batman & Robin, and others. Me I've been a "Scotsman"(underwear ?) a "Biker", "Batman"and a "Hippie" amongst others.
Click on any photo to enlarge it.
Above, "Mill Pk"party night this one a "Hippy, flower power" night with left Me, middle Sue, right Brian the site owner peeping out from under his wig.
Above, yet another "Mill Pk" 60s night, this time Sue and I dressed in "Hells Angels biker gear" we had wigs, leather gear, boots, hats, bandanna's and thick bike chains, the worse bit was the stick on tattoo's we adorned ourselves with, these took three or four days and god knows how many showers to scrub off.
Above, Sue and I dressed up as "Hippies"or " Flower power"for a fancy dress 60s night, with next to me Les and Mike, we're all complete with wigs, beads and ban the bomb slogans.
Above, Bens 60th birthday bash at "Mill Park" our caravan site. Ben (White shirt) is the man who helped Brian and Mary (the site owners then) build this club house, and was a frequent drinker in the club, Mary went into Ilfracombe's joke shop and purchased 40 fake beards so that when Ben first walked into the club that evening, every single person was sitting adorned by a beard, a really good night, (sue in checked shirt).
Above, our son Roy dressed up as a woman for a new years eve fancy dress bash.Dont tell him I said so but he made a great woman !!!.
Above, the same New years Eve here in Teignmouth at the "Talbot Inn"fancy dress party with us dressed as "Hagar & Helga" characters from the "Sun" newspaper.
Above with Sue on my 60th birthday bash, we were away at Mill park in the caravan for the celebration's at the time.
Above Steve our adopted son dressed in jungle gear as a character from "It ain't arf ot mum", this was for one of our home birthday fancy dress parties.

Joke of the day.

This guy who works at a pickle factory comes home and hands his wife 50 pounds. She asked him what it was from and he told her that he won it in a bet -- the guys at the factory bet him 50 pounds that he wouldn't stick his dick in the pickle slicer.
The wife was surprised and said she wanted to make sure he was still intact. He pulled down his pants and, indeed, it was all there, unharmed.
“But what about the pickle slicer, asked the wife, perplexed.
“Oh, she liked it too, answered the husband.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The parents of Jason Pope kidnapped in Angola over nine years ago, decided to build this garden in his memory. Jason a Geologist was kidnapped by Unita rebels from the Yetwene Diamond mine in Northern Angola in 1998. His parents Alan, Nev and other son Damian along with help from their daughter Vashita and her husband Patrick have toiled for over five years on this garden.No word of the whereabouts of Jason has ever reached the family, although mother Nev has still not completely given up hope of news. The family started by buying a long narrow strip of coastal cliff top, they then did most of the planning and all of the building work themselves. I heard today that the family have told reporters that the garden is just about finished. We visited the garden a few days ago, the views are stunning and the gardens so peacefull. Various charities will benefit from the families long hard work, so please if in the area do visit and see for yourselves.
When the garden is fully operational I will post more pictures.
Above,This is the view from the coast path at the East end of Teignmouth, from here the road climbs gently until you reach the garden.

Above, The view looking toward Dawlish, taken from the highest part of the garden this shows how close these gardens are to the cliff edge.
Above, This view (taken into the sun) was taken from the entrance to the garden and shows a good part of Teignmouth beach and "grand Pier", the rail lines are just visible at the bottom.
Above,This is the path up from the entrance to Jason's garden, the stonework was really a hard and painstaking job, stone, bricks, wood and all the steel work was carried up a little at a time in the pickup/trailer.
Above, These steel sea birds were made locally and are made from scrap metal pieces.
Above, Taken into the sun I'm afraid but it shows the largest one of chalet type visitor centre buildings they have built here. This one will contain family history, and photo's of all the stages of build on the garden, also soft drinks and snacks are hoping to be served. The lower smaller one is a "green" toilet/washroom, up here any water used has to be rainwater collected in tanks.
Above, Another of the concrete circles this one as a seat on small pedestals, its covered in hundreds of tiny tiles, the table top is of special highly toughened glass.
Above, This is the cental path that meanders through the garden, the "grass" is actually a type of felt pegged down, this its hoped will make maintainence a lot easier. The trolley sitting in the centre of the path is made of concrete and has wheels to allow it to be easily moved and weighs 2.5 cwt, it is the base for Alan and Damians huge 12ft wide umberella which they have needed when working during the really hot ( and occasionaly wet) weather they've encountered at times.
Above, One of the three huge concrete circles that were just so difficult to get up the steep, narrow road to here.These were even more difficult to manoeuvre into place due to both the size and weight.

Above, A lovely shaded patio area, stone built with cast iron furniture and surrounded by pampass grass.
Above, Alan in front, with our friend Jamie behind and me on the right, Alan does'nt really like his picture taken and tried to keep out of range, although Sue did managed this one.

Above the only way to get their truck turned round is to put it on this homemade turntable, it just fits. The whole perimeter fence has been planted with "Roses" all fragrant and with lots of different colours. Where ever possible the planting is of evergreens and easy care plants and grasses, although these in summer should look fabulous.

BLONDE joke of the day.

Two sisters, one blonde and one brunette, inherit the family farm.
Unfortunately, after just a few years, they are in financial trouble. In
order to keep the bank from repossessing the ranch, they need to
purchase a bull so that they can breed their own stock.
Upon leaving to buy, the brunette tells her sister, 'When I get there, if I
decide to buy the bull, I'll contact you to drive out after me and haul
it home.'The brunette arrives at the man's ranch, inspects the bull, and decides she wants to buy it. The man tells her that he will sell it for £599, no less. After paying him, she drives to the nearest town to send her
sister a telegram to tell her the news. She walks into the telegraph
office, and says, 'I want to send a telegram to my sister telling her
that I've bought a bull for our farm. I need her to hitch the trailer
to our pickup truck and drive out here so we can haul it home.'
The telegraph operator explains that he'll be glad to help her, then
adds, it will cost 50p a word.' Well, after paying for the bull,
the brunette realizes that she'll only be able to send her sister one
word.After a few minutes of thinking, she nods and says, 'I want you to send her the word 'comfortable.'
The operator shakes his head. 'How is she ever going to know that you
want her to hitch the trailer to your pickup truck and drive out here to
haul that bull back to your farm if you send her just the word
The brunette explains, 'My sister's blonde. The word is big. She'll read
it very slowly.... 'com-for-da-bul.'

Monday, February 18, 2008


Yesterday being Sunday we decided we would have a bit of a lay in after a late night at the "Kings Arms". So after pottering about and an hours oxygen it was off to the Caravan/camping shop in Ashburton, for more bits for the trailer tent. After an hour or so and a bit more money spent there, we deciced it was far to nice a day to be indoors, so as we were already on the edge of "Dartmoor"a ride around would be in order. Now for any of my readers who are not from these shores perhaps I ought to tell you a little about beautifull Dartmoor. Firstly it is in a high and sparsely populated part of Devon, due to its height the weather can be at times very grim. Dartmoor itself covers 368 sq miles, it is 22 miles long from East to West, and 24 miles North to South. The highest "Tor"is High Willhays and is 620 metres tall. "Tors" are probably most easily explained as huge "hills" with large granite stones sticking up from and around them. These hills are surrounded by fairly barren moorland a lot of which is so remote its rarely farmed other that for Sheep, Cattle and of course to graze the famous ponies. The remotness is part of its beauty, mind if you were a prisoner in the famous old dartmoor prison at "Princetown" in might not be so beautifull due to its bleak remoteness. The original prison was built in around 1809-10 and housed lots of war prisoners mostly American and French. In 1850 ish it was turned into a criminal prison. During most of that century it was one of the most feared prisons in the country mainly because to try to escape was suicidal especially in the cold winters, today the average nightime temperature here is under 6c for 8 months of the year, the prison is still in use today.
To start we headed up through Ashburton on to the moor stopping off at "Buckland in the Moor", this is a real picture postcard village and an extremely expensive place to buy property (what little there is), we stopped to take a few photo's. After this we carried on up just meandering around taking more photo's.
Above, We stopped on the way home at a convenient little mobile Tea/coffee/ice cream van and had a cuppa. Sue just crossing the road after photographing Dartmoor Ponies.
Above, The frost was only just going off this sheltered bank at 3.00 pm, this shows a typical moor stream.
Above, A remote farm midway between "Widdecombe" and "Buckland", note the pony taking an interest in us.
Above, this beautifull little thatched roadside cottage just begged to be photographed, probably for the millionth time. It is one of three I took in "Buckland" itself, I liked all three so much I cant decide which to use on my desktop?.
Above, how lovely, quiet, quaint, can this Hamlet be, shame about the car though.(one more of the three, the best one I'm Saving for another blog) this is again in Buckland.

Joke of the Day.
BBQ rules

After months of cold and rainy weather, we are finally coming up to summer
and BBQ season. Therefore it is important to refresh your memory on the
etiquette of this sublime outdoor cooking activity, as it's the only type of
cooking a 'real' man will do, probably because there is an element of danger

When a man volunteers to do the BBQ the following chain of events are put
into motion:

(1) The woman buys the food.
(2) The woman makes the salad, prepares the vegetables, and makes dessert.
(3) The woman prepares the meat f or cooking, places it on a tray along with
the necessary cooking utensils and sauces, and takes it to the man who is
lounging beside the grill - beer in hand.

Here comes the important part:


More routine....
(5) The woman goes inside to organize the plates and cutlery.
(6) The woman comes out to tell the man that the meat is burning. He thanks
her and asks if she will bring another beer while he deals with the

Important again:


More routine....
(8) The woman prepares the plates, salad, bread, utensils, napkins, sauces,
and brings them to the table.
(9) After eating, the woman clears the table and does the dishes.

And most important of all:
10) Everyone PRAISES the MAN and THANKS HIM for his cooking efforts.
(11) The man asks the woman how she enjoyed "her night off." And, upon
seeing her annoyed reaction, concludes that there's just no pleasing some

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


On a recent walk around Teignmouth Sue and I decided to walk up the cliff path to take a few photo's. While taking these a pickup truck and trailer passed us (its very narrow), later rounding a corner we came upon an open double set of gates with two men (father & son) unloading the trailer.The area on which they were working looked amazing, so much so we asked them a few questions, this was what we learn't .In around 2000-01 a Teignmouth family decided to erect a garden in memory of their lost son Jason. In the late 1990s Jason Pope (26) a geologist working in Angola at the Yetwene Diamond mine, was along with several others kidnapped by a gang of heavily armed rebels.During this raid several more workers were killed or injured, this in spite of the mine being guarded by well armed men. Father Alan spent 30 days in the area a few years later trying to find either news or the whereabouts of his son, all to no avail, although mum Nev says she has still not completely given up hope.The garden located high above Teignmouth commands beautifull views of the whole area. The idea was worked out and planned by the whole family and to date has cost them thousands of pounds and countless hours of work. The project has had a preview to the public but wont be completed until May this year. Dad Alan and other son Damion are on site in all weathers trying to finish the project. In the early days of planning the family searched high and low to find a suitable site, before eventually settling on this one. This blog will probably be in two (possibly three) parts as there is so much to see and tell.
The site was originally (during the war) an allotment, one of several during "dig for victory" times, it stands high on cliffs above the railway lines at the Dawlish end of Teignmouth. When it was first purchased it would be unrecognisable when viewed today. It was just a wild and overgrown cliffside plot, as the first photo's show.
The family did try hard to retain as many of the original trees as possible, but the Rail company decided it would pose a problem to their lines 100 feet below. They then sent in engineers who cleared 90% of the trees and shored up the banks.
Above, these photo's were as it was bought by the Pope's, below, how Rail engineers ripped it to pieces, to shore and fence it.
All these pictures on this blog were taken during early consruction by the family, they will be on display in a building on the site when its completed. (Sue retook them).
All the Materials used (thousands of tons) have been brought up here either by Pickup truck or van plus trailer, these are the only vehicles small enough to navigate the very very narrow road up. The biggest part of the Stone used originally came from the demolished part of the local school building Mt Everest.
Above, Stonework on the gateposts, in progress by the lads
There will be two buildings on site one stone the other timber built. One will contain photo's, history etc, possibly snacks and drinks too, the other an organic toilet/washroom, although power is only 12 volt and comes from solar panels on the roofs, water is collected from rain water in tanks. The whole site will be run by charities these being the Teignmouth life Guards and the Teignmouth boy Scouts.

This huge piece of stone circle was one of the most difficult to get to and erect on site. In part two we will post lots more photo's and put correct any things I may not have exactly right.

Monday, February 11, 2008


On sunday Sue and I went to Classic bike Show at the Bristol & West showground, it was a beautifull day for it too. We have been to this for the last two years and have thoroughly enjoyed it.This year we also had extra reasons to go in the shape of the Honda owners club (HOC), a few of our CX -GL club members were helping out on this stand as they are members of both clubs.Now with typical Chris gusto, both him and Angie (his wife), with help from others managed to put on this stand two of our clubs bikes. These models are Honda V twins in several variants and engine sizes.The interest from the public to both the bikes, and membership to the club was enormous, so a big thank you to them for their (and a few others) hard work.As a by the by Chris, Angie and pooch came all the way from Norfolk, and they CAMPED out too!!!!. The pink bike just visible on the left is Angie's.
Note the CX engine on the table cut in half for show purposes.
Above. On the shared stand, left to right Dave, Chris, and Dave again.

Above. The only bike that ever tempted me to go away from Honda, was the lovely Suzuki 750 cc 3 cylinder, water cooled bike, luckily I resisted the temptation.
Above. One more of the nice four cylinder Honda's, not that I'm biased of course.
Above. probably the most eye catching, best prepared bike at the show, was this lovely 500 cc Triton (Triumph 500 engine, Norton featherbed frame). These were very popular in the 60s and 70s.
Above. This lovely four cylinder Honda, won best Japanese bike in the Show.
Above, Phil Read 1960-70s Motor cycle road race ace seen here with one of his Beautifully turned out 3 cylinder MV Augusta's. Although we met him several times in the paddock back in the good old days, I hadn't remembered what a nice bloke to talk to he is.

This is one of Phils race winning MV Augusta's. He was the only road race world champion to have ridden works bikes for all four major Japanese road race teams, He went on to win 8 world Championships and notched up over a 150 grand Prix wins during his career.


Pecans in the Cemetery

On the outskirts of a small town, there was a big, old walnut tree just
inside the cemetery fence. One day, two boys filled up a bucketful of
nuts and sat down by the tree, out of sight, and began dividing the
nuts. "One for you, one for me. One for you, one for me," said one boy.
Several dropped and rolled down toward the fence.

Another boy came riding along the road on his bicycle. As he passed, he
thought he heard voices from inside the cemetery. He slowed down to
investigate. Sure enough, he heard, "One for you, one for me.
One for you one for me." He just knew what it was. He jumped back on
his bike and rode off. Just around the bend he met an old man with a
cane, hobbling along.
"Come here quick," said the boy, "you won't believe what I heard!
Satan and the Lord are down at the cemetery dividing up the souls!"

The man said, "Beat it kid, can't you see it's hard for me to walk?"
When the boy insisted though, the man hobbled to the cemetery.
Standing by the fence they heard, "One for you, one for me. One for you,
one for me..."
The old man whispered, "Boy, you've been tellin' the truth.
Let's see if we can see the Lord." Shaking with fear, they peered
through the fence, yet were still unable to see anything.

The old man and the boy gripped the wrought iron bars of the Fence
tighter and tighter as they tried to get a glimpse of the Lord.

At last they heard, "One for you, one for me. That's all. Now let's go
get those nuts by the fence and we'll be done."

They say the old man made it back to town a full 5 minutes ahead of the
boy on the bike